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Cash For Clothes

Cash for clothing came online in 2009 offering a service to the public to sell their unwanted clothing direct to us.

We have been collecting clothes form the public ever since. We have a lot of happy customers that have used the cash for clothes service.

One of the benefits of using is you the customer receives the cash on collection. You also benefit as we collect from your home or place of work therefore saving fuel.

Cash for clothing operates in most of England, Scotland and Wales you can check out the areas we collect in under the contact us tab.

We have friendly drivers who collect the clothing and they will pay you your cash the same day as we collect the clothes. Once your clothes have been weighed on the scales we will pay you by the kilo with cash before we leave, so for example if you have 20kg of clothes we will give you up to £10.00.

Since our service was launched back in 2009 we have been collecting and paying for used clothes from the public.

services has made it easier for people to recycle their old unwanted clothes and pay you money for recycling. Please don’t throw your clothing away, recycle it for cash.

If you would like to arrange a collection of your old clothes then use the contact us form on our contact us page or you can telephone us on 01609 780555.

We pay up to 50p per kilogram for your unwanted, good quality, clean, clothes, shoes(paired), handbags, belts and soft toys.

Some areas are also able to accept duvet covers and sheets. Please keep these items separate from the clothing as we pay 10p/kg for these.

Also mobile phones are accepted in various areas, the price depends on the make, model and condition.

We do not accept quilts, pillows, dirty or wet items, mats, carpets, off cuts, curtains or single shoes as everything we take goes for reuse.

Maybe you have your own company and would like to organise all your staff to have a collection of unwanted rags to raise money!

There is no maximum or minimum amount that we collect.

We collect in most areas of the UK, but unfortunately not all.

If you would like to arrange a collection go to our contact us page.

*Book your collection either via email phone or text. If you have over 10 bags please let us know.

*Driver arrives on date available for your area.

*Bags are weighed off on scales.

*You will receive the money there and then at the doorstep

We pay you on the day so no need to wait for a cheque to clear.

If you live in the UK, USA, Canada, Switzerland or the Netherlands we pay for your items.

1: You will get a little money for your thing you no longer wear or need.
2: Make extra room in the house instead of hording them unwanted items
3: Reycling helps the enviroment.
4: Textile take years to beakdown in landfill sites and other can get use of the clothing you dont want.
5: Recycling creates jobs. .

The process, how to get cash for clothes.

5 Reasons to recycle your clothes.